MTM Flip Top Case 50-RD


Buy MTM Flip Top Case 50-RD Online



Buy MTM Flip Top Case 50-RD Online

 Flip Top Case 50-RD

Caliber 224Clark, 240Wby.Mag, 25-06, 280Rem, 270Win, 30Gibbs, 30-06Spr, 338-06, 35Whelen, 425W.R, 6,5x54mm, 6,5x55Swedish, 7×64, 7x72Rim, 7,7+ 7x58Japan, 8x57J, 8mm-06Spr, 9,3x72Rimmed, 9,3×74, 410 Shotgun Ammo Flip Top Case Rifle Large Black/Smoke Clear 50 Rounds, MTM USA.
Model Family: 50 Rounds
Type of Weapon: Rifle / Büchse
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