MTM Case Handle 100-RD


Buy MTM Case Handle 100-RD Online


Buy MTM Case Handle 100-RD Online

Product information Case Handle 100-RD

Caliber 22BR+PPC+Cheetah+SavHP, 220Rus+Swift, 22-250Rem, 224WbyMag+Clark, 225/ 243/270/284/307/308/356/6mm-284Win, 250Sav, 25/25-6/30/35Rem, 25-35 WCF, 25-284Win, 28-30Sevens, 30T/C, 300/303Sav, 30-06Spr, 30-30Win Ammo Handled Flip Top Box Deluxe Rifle Green 100 Rounds MTM USA.
Model Family: 100 Rounds
Type of Weapon: Rifle / Büchse
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