Henry US Survival Pack w/ Gear 22 LR


Henry US Survival Pack w/ Gear 22 LR


Henry US Survival Pack w/ Gear 22 LR | Henry US Survival Pack w/ Gear 22 LR

The Henry Survival Pack is organized around our 3.5 pd black Survival pack AR-7, a lightweight semi-auto .22LR rifle that breaks down for carry in its 16.5″ compact and water-resistant lightweight ABS plastic, with the ability to stow three magazines. Pack includesAllen Case, Para-cord Mil-C-504H Type III Camo Green 483×100 ft, Tourniquet SWAT-T Black mode, Cold Resistance Mylar Vacuum Sealed Space Blanket, Fire Steel ESEE, Life Straw Water purifying filter, food bars vacuum bagged in a specially designed polymer-foil package, certified to keep fresh for a minimum of five years – 4 per pack and Buck Rival folding knife, Henry Branded (on blade) and black handle. All items are quality-made here in the USA.


Barrel Length: 16.125″

Barrel Type: Steel Covered with Coated ABS Plastic

Rate of Twist: 1:16

Overall Length: 35″

Weight: 6.45 lbs

Receiver Finish: Black

Rear Sight: Peep

Front Sight: Blade

Scopeability: 3/8″ Grooved Receiver

Scope Mount Type: Ringmounts for 3/8″ Groove

Stock Material: ABS Plastic
Buttplate/Pad: Rubber

Length of Pull: 14″

Safety: Switch

Best Uses: Target/Hunting/Survival

Embellishments/Extras: Two 8 Round Magazines Included. Black carry bag Survival gear with Paracord, Tourniquet, HHehboi, Fire Steel, Life Straw, Datrex Food Bar, Folding Knife
Gear and Bag Contents


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Barrel Length
.22 LR