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Belgian FN Herstal S.A. group has its branch in North America which is FN America LLC. also called FNH-USA which was first established as the sales and marketing arm of FN Herstal itself. To satisfy the needs of the American market, this branched converted into a fully autonomous manufacturing conglomerate. Then in Colombia, a production plant was opened which initially included a stand-alone entity as FN Manufacturing. To form FN America LLC. it then consolidated into FNH-USA in July 2014.

For the development of the SCAR weapon system, FNH-USA was largely responsible for engaging in important research and development activities. FNH FN15 is also a masterpiece of this company which is brought to you by “Induchemguns” at a reasonable price.

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Ever since the 1990s, FNH-USA has provided M16 rifles and M4 type carbines for the US Department of Defense. In February 2013, FNH-USA was also awarded to supply M4A1 carbines to the US Army. 

The chrome-lined, button-rifled barrels of FNH weapons are regarded as some of the finest quality that a rifle could be equipped with.

Created to meet and exceed agency needs, the FN15 Patrol Carbine is a classic handguard with a fixed front sight post-MIL-SPEC configuration.

This family of weapons is specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of law enforcement officers to provide the reliability and durability required for professional use. This firearm offers high capacity and accuracy in every mission as it is chambered in the battle-proven 5.56×45mm.

FNH FN15 5.56×45MM Rifle Specifications:

Action Semi-automatic
Caliber 5.56×45mm
Magazine capacity  30 Rd
Operation Direct impingement
Barrel length  16”
Overall length 32”
Weight 6.2 lb
Width 2.75”
Height 10.25”
Trigger pull 4.75-7.75 lb
Twist rate 1:7” RH

Features Of FNH FN15 Semi-Automatic Rifle:

  • The bolt carrier is similar to the M16 style.
  • Bolt MPI inspected and marked.
  • Chrome-fixed barrel with stuck fixed front sight gas block
  • Metal fold-down rear and fixed front sights.
  • Hard coat anodized upper and lower receiver made from 7075-T6 Aluminum forgings.
  • 5.56X45mm NATO chambered barrel
  • High Pressure endeavored and MPI after evidence finishing
  • Hard Chrome plate chamber and bore.
  • Manganese with Phosphate exterior
  • Two-piece, double heat-shield hand guard barrel
  • Collapsible stock
  • Semi-automatic mil-spec style trigger
  • AR-style 30Rd magazine

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Add FN15 Military Collector series with FN’s exacting features directly from the front lines to your collection. This firearm is chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO while featuring a 1:7″ RH, 20″, chrome-lined, and button-broached barrel. An ambidextrous selector switch is equipped with a UID-labeled lower receiver. So get this tactical semi-automatic rifle now at a reasonable price from “Induchemguns”.

FN15 5.56×45MM Gun For Sale:

The FN15 can perform efficiently in any conditions on the firing line as it is built to withstand the unrelentingly harsh conditions of battlefields.

With a match-grade, free-floating barrel for easier cleaning, longer life, and better accuracy, the FN15 rifle is a step closer to true excellence. For smooth performance and accurate shooting, buy FNH FN15 now!

FN America’s FN 15 AR-type direct impingement self-loader weapon is exact and reliable. It has two plans: 5.56 x 45 mm NATO or .300 AAC Blackout (7.62 x 35 mm). Key perspectives for the 5.56 model are a 10.5″ long barrel, 9″ long handguard, and an overall length of 26.25″ while the weapon tips the scales at essentially 5.2 pounds. The .300 AAC Blackout has a 12″ long barrel, 10″ long handguard, in everyday length of 28.6″ and weighs 5.65 pounds. The two variations are dim.

The two models contrast in another reality: they have different parts fronting the gag. The 5.56 model’s gag has an A2-style 1/2-28 TPI bird nook streak watch. On the other hand, the .300 AACs have a power diminishing dim Melonite-finished twofold chamber gag brake. It’s a ProComp 762 5/8-24 that is made by Surefire.

It just so happens, that FN America is the American assistant of FN Herstal of Belgium. The FN addresses Fabrique Nationale, which is French for National Factory. FN Herstal’s headquarters is arranged in Herstal in northeastern Belgium, and the association has been carrying on with work for over 130 years, since mid-1889.

The association’s American headquarters is in McLean, Virginia, but except for the FN Five Seven lightweight firearm, the American market weapons are undeniably created in its state-of-the-art Charleston, South Carolina office.

By and by could we return to some FN 15 points of interest?

The free-floating handguard is by Midwest Industries. To some degree wonderful octagonal cross-portion setup is made by an integrated Picatinny rail and various M-LOK spaces. There are no sights, yet it is ready to get them. The level top beneficiary is hard-anodized aluminum moreover crested by an integrated Picatinny rail that changes perfectly with the one from the handguard.

Not quite far behind the gag is a treated steel low-profile gas block that is significant for the carbine-length gas structure. Generally concealed inside the handguard are the carbine-length gas system and most of the barrel. The infection hammer-created chrome-lined barrel has a 1 to 7″ wind, and it’s free-floating.

The FN 15 components a twisted FN fight trigger and a hardly twisted trigger guardian that platforms between the slanted mag well and independent grasp. The courageous grasp is a completed polymer Magpul MOE hold that has a beavertail backstrap for additional created comfort and managing. It’s also unfilled permitting accumulating through its base cap.

Raising the back is an SBX-K firearm trapezoidal help by SB Tactical. This is the more restricted variation of the perhaps more prominent standard SBX support. The SBX-K gauges somewhat more than seven ounces and is 1.5″ wide and 6.2″ long.

The FN 15 comes standard with a Magpul PMAG 30-round magazine.


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