FN Five-Seven Pistol:

This semi-automatic pistol is designed and manufactured in Belgium by FN Herstal. FNH FIVE SEVEN 5.7×28 POLICE TRADE-IN PISTOL is named for its bullet diameter of 5.7×28mm and to emphasize the initials of the manufacturer, the trademark capitalization style (FN) is used.

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This FN Herstal manufactured FN 5.7×28mm is a high-velocity, rebated rim, small-caliber, smokeless powder, bottlenecked centerfire cartridge designed for personal defense and as a handgun. In length, it is similar to the .22 WMR 5.7×27mm and some extent, similar to .22 K-Hornet.

The complete package of FN 5.7×28mm was developed from scratch by FN, unlike many new cartridges which have a parent case. Buy FN Five Seven 5.7×28 Online USA

FN 5.7×28mm Pistol Specifications:

Basic Data:

Place of origin Belgium
Type Pistol
Action Semi-automatic
Used by 20+ countries


Length  208mm
Width 36mm
Height 137mm
Mass 610g(empty)
Bullet diameter 5.70mm


Action Delayed blowback
Cartridge  5.7×28mm
Fire rate Semi-automatic
Maximum firing range 1,510m
Effective firing range 50m
Muzzle velocity 762 m/s
Maximum pressure 345.00 MPa

This semi-automatic pistol was created in junction with the FN P90 personal defense firearm and the cartridge of the FN 5.7×20mm. FN 5.7×28mm was introduced as a pistol in 1998 using the same 5.7×28mm ammunition. The FN Five-Seven is developed as a companion pistol to the P90 and it shares many of its design features with P90. For example, FN Five-Seven is a polymer-based lightweight weapon having

  1. A large magazine capacity
  2. The ability to penetrate body armor
  3. Ambidextrous controls
  4. Lower recoil

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FN originally restricted the sales of FN Five-Seven pistols to law enforcement customers and the military, but the pistol has also been delivered to civilian shooters since 2004 for

  • Target shooting
  • Personal protection
  • Other defensive purposes 

Many gun control organizations opposed the introduction of the Five-Seven to civilian shooters and in the U.S, this pistol has been subject to the ongoing controversy.

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Now, the FN 5.7×28mm is in service with police forces and the military in over 40 nations. This weapon has also become increasingly popular with civilian shooters. In the pistol’s design, polymer materials are used extensively. The material provides greater resistance to corrosion and reduced weight. Buy this full-size pistol from “Induchemguns” at a reasonable price. Buy FN Five Seven 5.7×28 Online USA



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