CZ Bren 2Ms 5.56 Pistol 30Rd


CZ Bren 2Ms 5.56 Pistol 30Rd


CZ Bren 2Ms 5.56 Pistol 30Rd | CZ Bren 2Ms 5.56 Pistol 30Rd

CZ USA is proud to bring the CZ Bren 2 Ms to market in a semi auto pistol form. This is the next generation of an absolute classic. When the 805 Bren was designed in order to meet a specific set of requirements which were laid out by the Czech military, the Bren 2 was a clean sheet design. With an absolute slew of changes to this platform you almost won’t even recognize it.

What you will immediately notice is the trimmed down aluminum upper receiver and the lower receiver made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer resulting in a much lighter gun than ever before. This Bren 2 comes standard from the factory with a flush rear plate which has the provision for attaching an AR-style buffer tube for the installation of an arm brace or other pistol stabilizing device. For those who wish to SBR, a Carbine buffer tube and stock can be installed or the entire rear plate can be removed and replaced with a factory folding/adjustable stock.



14″ Barrel

Aluminum Frame

Polymer Grips

Manual Safety

Full Size

Iron Sights



Black Finish


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